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News - 2017

Central Europe as the genetic crossroad of wolf populations (29.11.2017)

International cooperation helps to move forward negotiations on the construction of ecoducts in the Czech Republic (12.9.2017)

Don’t cut Central European heritage, the Białowieża Forest – people chanted in front of the Polish embassy, requesting action from minister Szyszko (14.8.2017)

How I allowed intuition to guide me (29.6.2017)

Hope for the Białowieża forest (20.6.2017)

Telemetry monitoring used to study a lynx in the Moravian Karst (16.6.2017)

Monitoring of large carnivores in the Beskydy Mountains: population numbers remain low (9.5.2017)

A lynx pair found their new home in Austria (10.4.2017)

Numbers of wolves in the Beskydy Mountains continue to stagnate (6.4.2017)

A wolf hit by car on the D1 highway (24.3.2017)

Milestone moment for the European Rewilding Network (25.1.2017)

Launching the monitoring of large carnivores in Krušné hory: Will volunteers confirm the presence of wolves? (20.1.2017)

Lynx confirmed in the Moravian Karst (13.1.2017)

Wildcat – a new visitor of our camera traps in South Bohemia (10.1.2017)

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