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News - 2017

International cooperation helps to move forward negotiations on the construction of ecoducts in the Czech Republic (12.9.2017)

Don’t cut Central European heritage, the Białowieża Forest – people chanted in front of the Polish embassy, requesting action from minister Szyszko (14.8.2017)

How I allowed intuition to guide me (29.6.2017)

Hope for the Białowieża forest (20.6.2017)

Telemetry monitoring used to study a lynx in the Moravian Karst (16.6.2017)

Monitoring of large carnivores in the Beskydy Mountains: population numbers remain low (9.5.2017)

A lynx pair found their new home in Austria (10.4.2017)

Numbers of wolves in the Beskydy Mountains continue to stagnate (6.4.2017)

A wolf hit by car on the D1 highway (24.3.2017)

Milestone moment for the European Rewilding Network (25.1.2017)

Launching the monitoring of large carnivores in Krušné hory: Will volunteers confirm the presence of wolves? (20.1.2017)

Lynx confirmed in the Moravian Karst (13.1.2017)

Wildcat – a new visitor of our camera traps in South Bohemia (10.1.2017)

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