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News - 2016

Victory for Norway's endangered wolves (20.12.2016)

Open letter to Norwegian embassy against killing of wolves (15.11.2016)

Romania bans trophy hunting of bears, wolves and wildcats (20.10.2016)

Modern history of the Eurasian lynx in the Bohemian Forest (29.9.2016)

Camera traps reveal wolf pups born in the Broumov area (7.9.2016)

The Tatras bears can no longer raid the waste bins (30.8.2016)

Claims for brown bear damage in Europe (29.7.2016)

Confirmed: Wolf family in the Kokořínsko-Mácha’s Region has grown also this year (18.7.2016)

Big Bad Wolf or Man’s Best Friend? (7.7.2016)

Habitat availability is not limiting the distribution of the Bohemian–Bavarian lynx (Lynx lynx) population (1.6.2016)

What about the lynxes in Beskids and Javorniks? (27.5.2016)

Lynx could soon return to Britain (25.5.2016)

Razor wire between European countries endangers wildlife: statement by IUCN WCPA Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group (9.5.2016)

Czech wilderness is home to about eighty lynx. Will they persist? (28.4.2016)

Forests in the Olomouc region are inhabited by the Eurasian lynx and grey wolves (27.4.2016)

Monitoring of large carnivores in the Beskydy: the animal numbers stagnating (25.4.2016)

A case of lynx shot dead in Austria successfully solved (6.4.2016)

A year has just passed since the arrival of Wandelwolf - the wolf hero to the Netherlands (24.3.2016)

A great oddyssey of lynx Lubo from Kysuce to Maple Mountains (8.2.2016)

From Prachatice to Linz and on to Novohradské Mountains (13.1.2016)

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