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Wolves in Máchův region produced pups. The newly established part of PLA Kokořínsko thus got a symbolic gift.

Response of Hnutí Duha ( Friends of the Earth Czech Republic)

13.9.2014, Carnivores.cz

Hnutí DUHA was glad to obtain the news from the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic which announced birth of new wolf cubs in the wild forests and swamps of Máchův region. It is probably the only pack of wolves which reproduce themselves in the territory of the Czech Republic.

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic confirmed that digital camera traps captured wolf cubs during the last months of July and August. Wolves returned to the Beskydy Mountains 20 years ago, however, unlike wolves in Českolipský region, wolves in the Beskydy Mountains are rather solitary individuals who do not tend to reproduce.

wolfs pup captured by camera trap in PLA Kokořínsko. Source: AOPK ČR

Wolfs pup captured by camera trap in PLA Kokořínsko. Source: AOPK ČR

In Europe, wolves are returning to places where they had been exterminated before. They came to the Czech Republic passing through Germany, where dozens of packs can be found nowadays. These large canids came back to the Eastern part of Germany 15 years ago from Poland and their number is increasing thanks to new offspring, which spreads around new territories. The first wolf on the Czech-German border was photographed two years ago.

wolfs pack location in PLA Kokorinsko-Machuv kraj

Máchův region became officially part of the Protected Landscape Area Kokořínsko on 1st September this year.  There, the wolves will be exposed to landscapes which did not experience any big transformation since the prehistoric times, varying from deep pine and beech woods to marshland and swamps. White-tailed eagle and the biggest population of cranes are inhabiting this area, and it is also home to diverse plants which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Hnutí DUHA insists on promoting the wildlife policy in Czech national parks, which means that in some areas, the forests will be left uncontrolled and people could visit them only as tourists.

Current occurrence of wolf packs in Germany; source: www.wolfsregion-lausitz.de

Current occurrence of wolf packs in Germany; source: www.wolfsregion-lausitz.de


Miroslav Kutal, the specialist in large carnivores´ protection (Hnutí DUHA) said:

"The return of wolves to North Bohemia was a case expected for a long time. Starting new pack was just a matter of time. Some parts of Máchův region maintain its aspect from prehistoric times, including deep pine and beech woods, marshland and swamps. For wolves it is a favourable place to live."

"No reproduction of wolves was confirmed in the Beskydy Mountains, moreover, wolves were observed very unevenly there in last ten years."

"The return of wolves only confirms that we are able to accommodate wilderness in our landscapes. Practices from Germany and other countries show that wolves are not dangerous to humankind. There was no evidence of death caused by wolf for more than 100 years in Europe."

"Wolves are important to the Czech landscape. They promote healthy balance in regulating the numbers of boars and deer."

"We provide breeders with information for free, e.g. how to protect their livestock against wolf attack. Breeders can also obtain a manual about shepherd dogs as a way to protect their livestock together with many other useful recommendations."

"Zoologists might be interested in getting more information about wolf´s occurrence, anyone can report on seeing a wolf to the application tracing wolfs at www.mapa.selmy.cz."

More information: miroslav.kutal@hnutiduha.cz

Translation: Tereza Válková


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